Welcome to the Cardinal SMP, an open-world survival multiplayer Minecraft server. Featuring custom Terra world generation, the bounds to your exploration is only limited by a 100K world border. The semi-anarchy and semi-vanilla Minecraft server has two owners, flatlary and ItzCody14, which have worked on the experience (mainly Cody) to bring you a fun and memorious experience.


IP: cardinalsmp.revivemc.net

PORT: 2261

DISCORD: discord.gg/yjMGZqjUqD


Let's dive into some of the features!
TERRA World Generation

Player-Driven Economy

Interactive Staff & Owners

Custom plugins to fit for a more seamless gameplay experience

Consistent Bugfixes & Improvements

Player-Suggested Additions as well as Features


The Experience:

- Semi-Anarchy Survival (Griefing, Stealing, and PVP, are allowed, however, hacks and unfair advantages are prohibited)

- Semi-Vanilla plugins (Commands such as /spawn and /tpa, however no sethomes or setwarps)

- 100K World Border for a less binding exploration experience


What's Allowed:

- Griefing

- Stealing

- Scamming

- PVPing

What Isn't Allowed:

- Racism

- Hate Speech

- Discrimination

- Unlawful Mods (see discord)

- Hacked Clients

- Chat Spamming


Can't Wait to see you there! 

IP: cardinalsmp.revivemc.net

PORT: 2261

DISCORD: discord.gg/yjMGZqjUqD